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Car Wash

One of favorite fund-raising activities for Infinity Lions is washing cars.  Some of us display signs (sing and dance and whatever works) to attract the cars whereas the others wash them.  The cars may range from a super luxury car to a tiny little Chevy.  Sometimes we get lucky – get to wash fancy looking hardy motor cycles.  A typical event starts on a weekend day at about 9 am and lasts till 2 pm.  We do have lots of snacks, drinks, and our favorite – freshly baked hot pizza! 


Dallas Police Health Expo

Every October, on one Saturday,   we participate in this activity along with very nice police officers from the city of Dallas.  It’s a health-fair – free to anyone – where hundreds of people come in to get their health checked up.  We reach there (in Garland) by 8 AM and are done by 2 PM. 

Sports Extravaganza

This annual event, held in October,  involves the children, blind or visually impaired, ages 0-21, from about 55 school districts in the State of Texas and also from far away States such as Oklahoma, Colorado & New Mexico. Sports Extravaganza is aimed at lowering the barriers encountered by the blind or visually impaired youngsters in physical activities and athletic events. The event is held at Nimitz High School in Irving Texas.  Infinity Lions help in the set up of the activity (on Friday) and work with the kids (on Saturday). 


Minnie’s Food Pantry

Minnie’s Food Pantry  is right here in Plano.  Infinity Lions are regular volunteers here – 6 to 7 times a year.  Our main job there is to assemble food boxes which are distributed free to homeless and poor people.  Our day starts at 8 am and ends by 11:30 am.